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Hi, I'm Nina! As long as I can remember, photography has always been in my life. My father used to be a photographer and developing film with him in the bathroom and then holding piles of new photos with smiling people in my hands is one of my  greatest childhood memories.


However, I took another way. I entered the best Belarusian university and chose computer since as my speciality. I worked in IT for a while.

But in 2015 my family had to move to London for two years. And this city has changed my life forever! London inspired me so much, that I decided to bring photography back into my life. Since then photography has become my vocation! I tried a lot of different types of photography and understood that wedding genre was my passion because  at a wedding, people kind of live one more little life experiencing a full range of different emotions.


My goal is to capture the atmosphere of the special day and make every moment a history. In my photos, you will hardly see any complicated model poses or crazy reportage ideas. Rather, my photos are candid but elegant and refined.  My dream is to work with lovers who consider a wedding to be a truly meaningful and touching event. I want to take really stylish, natural and timeless photos for them.


I'll be happy to shoot your wedding day in the UK, Belarus and any European country.

Look forward to working with you.